We’ve Changed Our Look!

We have heard many of you say that you’re disappointed that we’ve discontinued the Well Rounded Square “magazine”. Fear not, we might not look the same but, we’re still here to provide information as we receive it.

Why did we change the format?

Editing a full magazine takes a great deal of time and effort. It requires soliciting information, organizing it, trying to come up with ideas to fill the blank spaces, printing, collating and distributing it. The magazine was also formatted to an e-magazine which was distributed to online subscribers and posted on our website. That is a lot of work for just one person. Unfortunately, last fall, my co-editor returned to work full-time so he is unable to assist me as he has in the past. If I could sit down and edit the magazine in just one or two days, it would free up our time for other, more important things… like dancing! Often, when we were getting the magazine ready to distribute, you would not see us at a dance for about two weeks. There were even times when we were unable to get the issue out by the first of the month. That was too much! There are other things that we would much rather do with our spare time.

What will be included in the newsletter?

Information, such as articles and posters, that I receive by the deadline will be included in the newsletter. These deadlines are:

September 15th for October/November
November 15th for December/January
January 15th for February/March
March 15th for April/Summer

How much does it cost?

There is no charge for the newsletter. The newsletter is available in a digital, pdf format only. As it is no longer available in a print format, the expense of paper, ink and postage is no longer necessary.

When will it be available? How will it be distributed?

As long as I receive information to be included, there will be four newsletters a year; October, December, February and April. Subscriptions are no longer available, nor are they needed. In Regions 3 and 9, I will send a copy of the newsletter to your club president, or other designated person, to distribute to all dancers in their clubs. If you wish to share with friends or family, please feel free to send copies to whomever you wish. The newsletters will also be available on our website.

Contact Information:
Editors: Bill & Jean Wood
5192 Hwy 97B
Salmon Arm, BC. V1E 2P7

Email: info@wellroundedsquare.com